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Do resistance bands really work?

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Let's be honest. The gym is usually the best place to exercise. With a fully equipped gym, you have a plethora of fitness equipment and machines to hit any muscle you want to work on.

But gyms aren't always an option. Maybe you don't enjoy training in gyms, or they are too far away, too expensive, etc... At times like this, it's good to have alternatives. A home gym would be ideal, but not everybody has enough space to fill a room with running machines free weights, resistance machines, dumbbells and squat racks. People need a portable and affordable alternative and thats where affordable home gym equipment like resistance bands come into play.

Resistance bands

The benefits of resistance bands

1: Affordable

Resistance bands vary in price, but are typically much more affordable than free weights, barbells and machines. But at such a low price point comparatively, they make a great option for maintaining your training.

2) Portable

Resistance bands usually come in a small bag for packing away the bands and all of the accessories. This means you can train wherever you take them. Whether you want to train in your bedroom, the garden, a local park, the gym or even take them abroad when you're travelling, resistance bands are an easily portable piece of equipment that allows you to train wherever you like.

3) Range of exercises

You are still able to work the full body with resistance bands. The door anchor that the bands come with mean you are able to position the bands in order to complete different exercises. For example; If you were to attach the bands to the top of the door you can complete tricep push-downs, whereas if you place them at the bottom, you can complete bicep curls. You can position the bands to hit almost any muscle in the body.

4) Band pairing

Typically, using only one resistance band may be too light. With resistance bands, you are able to add an extra band to the one you are already using to make the exercise more difficult. Just as you would go up in weight with dumbbells, you can do the same with the bands.

Resistance bands

The negatives of resistance bands

1) Limits on weight

Although you can pair resistance bands to increase the weight, there is a limit on weight from them. Most bands go up to around 57+ kg in weight, although it doesn't quite feel this heavy. Also you wouldn't want to stretch to this point consistently, as you can risk wearing the band and over-stretching them.

2) Wear

Resistance bands are durable but they wear over time due to stretching. You should consistently check the health of the bands by checking for any abrasions, cuts or damage to the band as this will compromise the integrity and lead to an inevitable snap or break.


Resistance bands are a great piece of equipment that allows you to perform a range of exercises. They need to be maintained well and will likely need to be replaced if damaged. Overall they are a great option if you would like to train with resistance, but haven't got the space for fitness machines and dumbbells. They can also be shipped at a fraction of the cost, and be delivered very quickly.

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