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  • What are resistance bands?
    Resistance bands are latex bands that are commonly used for strength training and physical therapy. They are used to activate and tone muscles whilst building strength at the same time. Thanks to their versatility, they are a great way to workout from the comfort of your own home without the need to purchase expensive or bulky gym equipment. Perfect for seasoned gym-goers or those just starting out, the equipment can be easily set up in seconds.
  • How do resistance bands work?
    As the bands stretch, they create increased tension in your muscles, causing them to contract. The more a band is stretched, the more intense the resistance gets and the harder the exercise becomes. You can add even more resistance by grouping together more than one band or by bringing your hands closer together therefore increasing tension.
  • How are resistance bands different to traditional weights?
    Resistance bands do not rely on gravity the way that traditional weights do. This makes exercises carried out with resistance bands more effective because you are working against the resistance through the entire range of the exercise rather than just on the way up. This means your muscles are working harder for longer resulting in quicker results.
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  • Can you target specific muscle groups with resistance bands?
    Our resistance bands set can be used to carry out over 150 exercises targeting all muscle groups and includes every accessory needed to complete a full body workout.
  • Can the bands be combined?
    The resistance bands can be grouped together for a combined resistance of up to 57kg. You can start by using the yellow (6kg) band, then work your way up to using the black (16kg) band by gradually increasing the weight. The metal clips allow you to connect multiple bands to the handles or ankle/wrist straps at once for maximum resistance (57kg).
  • Are they easily portable?
    Yes! The resistance bands and accessories can be packed away easily using the included storage bag. The lightweight design makes it easy to take the set with you whether you're travelling, going to work or exercising outdoors.
  • How should the bands be stored?
    It is important to keep the bands out of direct sunlight as this will cause them to perish. We recommend putting the bands away in their storage bag once you have finished exercising and keeping them at room temperature.


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